Somersby Park Estate Lot C1
For Sale By Owner

Main Entrance Pond

This 2.03 acre estate lot is located in the beautiful Somersby Park subdivision just west of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Click here to visit the main Somersby Park website for complete information on the community including lot locations, maps, amenities, etc. City water, sewer, power, natural gas, cable TV, and telephone service are available at the property line. Police and fire services are provided by Laurel Park.

A topographical survey has already been completed and is available for inspection. This unique property sits on a knoll at the intersection of Somersby Parkway and Thistlewynd Trail. It features beautiful long range West - SouthWest summer and winter views. Somersby Park deed restrictions ensure the quality, look and feel of the construction that will take place in the neighborhood and help protect the property's value.

Asking price for the property is $255,000. Owners can be contacted at 954-547-4759 (cell) or by email at Click the thumbnails below for a high resolution view of each scene.

Main Entrance
The main entrance is located on Hebron Road just west of Laurel Park. Access is also available directly from Laurel Park near Jump Off Rock.
View from Road
This is the view of the property from the road. C1 sits at the intersection of Somersby Parkway and Thistlewynd Trail.
Summer View
This is the long range view in the summer. Note that the trees blocking the view will almost certainly be removed during construction as this photo was taken at the most likely home site location.
View from C2
This is the long range view taken from the adjacent property (C2) showing the long range mountain view without the trees.
Panoramic Winter View
This is a panoramic winter view taken from the most likely home site location on the lot. Once again note the trees will most likely be removed to build the home.